Mobile Saunas - Where the roads lead





Born out of suit my nomadic lifestyle at the time, this was the the answer.  Imagination is the limit.

A hobby, to build and share true sauna culture.  Raised in the sauna and inspired after a trip to the native land of Finland.  The principle is simple: start with a frame, insulate it, deal with drainage, allow for airflow, invest in a proper sauna stove and chimney, build appropriate seating, and then sweat your worries away.  No I do not sell plans, mainly because I don't make plans.  I encourage you to be inspired and create your own dream.  I get a lot of requests, the short answer is, I already have a career. 

If you are in or visiting Revelstoke, BC, Canada -- feel free to drop a line and inquire about the possibilities.  --- Mika



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